I've always been creative and interested in art. I remember making my first piece of pottery in art class at age 6 or 7. However, I didn't fall in love with pottery until my graduating year. It was in Pottery I with Mrs. Cunningham (My favorite teacher!) when I jokingly considered failing high school just to be able to take Pottery II. After high school, it took 13 years to get back at it. God happened to send a wonderful pottery friend in the form of a skin care client. She allowed me to use her pottery wheel and kiln. She gave me a few tools, clay and, of course, pottery tips then sent me on my way.....and here we are!

     I have used multiple types of clays, different brands of glaze and contacted Mrs. Cunningham for glazing tips. The pottery and art portfolio will include a description of all materials used. No two pieces can ever be the same, which is the beauty of handcrafted earthenware.  Nor can I seem to make two pieces the same. LOL. When I sit at the wheel, I breathe in, talk to God and start by centering. Most of the time my eyes are closed and what turns out, turns out! God has spoken to me on several occasions, through several people to continue making pottery. I pray that you enjoy the talent that God has given me.

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