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     Creative Design has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was in high school; I would play around on a windows 98 software called 3D-Architecture. I would design houses, apartments, businesses, and more. I considered Interior Design for a while, even did my high school exit project on it. However, God had different plans for my life. Fast forward many years... I went back to school and earned my NC Esthetics License. When I got into the "real world", I realized that Booth Rent meant you are a business owner!! My Momma introduced me to the WIX platform for website design and it has changed my life. Now, I do freelance website design as a part of my career. I enjoy using my creative design talent and the WIX platform to help people with their online presence.


 If you are looking to start up a website for your business, call me today at 704.425.0902.  

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